From tree, to oil, to your door…


At the Imperial Oud Co we work directly with distillers, overseeing the process, procuring wood, customising distillations and making sure our expectations are met. We understand distillers are the holders of knowledge however many times they work in seclusion and only have one way of seeing things. Bringing our experience of a vast array of oils/ woods from all corners of the Oud producing regions to the table enables them to create more personalised and higher quality oils.
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  • Pure Oud Oil and Oud Wood from the UK

About Us

The Imperial Oud Company endeavour to become the leading purveyor of high quality Oud Oils & Agarwood in the UK. Our experience of over a decade in this field gives us a highly advantageous position of providing vetted items to you which only comes through time and familiarity.
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Our Philosophy

At the Imperial Oud Company we are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality, ethically cultivated organic agarwood oils and wood chips. We understand and realise wild agarwood is a finite source and commend the shift to a more sustainable industry.
However this does not exclude us from providing you with wild gems to titillate the olfactory sense. Our efforts are focused on delivering deep, complex ouds at a price that's affordable. Being oudicted ourselves we do not sell anything we wouldn't use on our own person.
Our modus operandi is to work with artisan distillers and have oils created to our specific requirement. Using experience, 'feel' and GCMS (!) we are able to understand how to tailor oils to be light and airy, or more perfumey like a French classic or deeper and musky.

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