Into Indonesia… pt1

Imperial Oud have released some Indonesian oils before which were well received however we wanted to really push the boundaries of what we could offer. Our decision to go exploring for high quality artisan pure Oud was therefore very easy to make. The distiller we have been working with for quite some time now is truly the master of Malinau. We have the absolute confidence in him to provide truly exceptional oils and therefore had to meet up on our "oudyssey" . We arranged to meet up in the second largest city in Java - Yogyakarta as we have another partner based in this historic city too.

  Jogja also has another distiller another artisan, well actually The Artisan, The Mad Scientist and The Wise One; a great group of friends and real pioneers in Indo Oud oil. Those who were lucky will have experienced the smoky, peppery green sweetness of Sumatran Micro (Penganan). That oil was an absolute delight and has been requested so many times by people who bought it or sampled it. They had informed us before our visit that raw material of a good incense grade was available so we pulled the trigger on its purchase. upon our arrival in Jogja, after feasting on the local (Soto Kadipiro, gudeg kering and obviously nasi goreng) we were driven through the winding streets to the distillery. We had seen their setup before but were very happy for them to see expansion in their projects. After some more refreshments, durian and cassava our scientist brought over the first few drops of the new Micro oil, It was drying in the glass Petri dish but the profile was all there.

What we really found captivating from the Microcarpa oils we had previously sampled and sold was the unique pepper note that weaves its way through the genus. One particular customer nailed it on the head where he said its like a sweet oudy version of a new car smell! Microcarpa oils are also a great way of getting into Oud as they rest easy on a western palette, you dont have the hard hitting notes commonly found in Hindis or Cambodi oils (although we dont do hard hitting!). End of Part 1, Part 2- Kalimantan!