Oud Oil

Pure Oud Oil

Agarwood Oil, also known as Oud Oil, Aloeswood Oil, Eagleswood, Kyara and others is an extremely rare and precious essential Oil obtained from several species of Agarwood (Aquilaria sp. and Gyrinops) trees. Agarwood originates in North Eastern India (Assam), Myanmar and parts of South East Asia, especially Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia including Papau New Guinea. Agarwood has been used for millennia as a medicine, incense and as an aromatic Oil to enrich the soul. There are several species of Agarwood, the most important species are: Aquilaria agollocha, malaccensis and crassna. Aquilaria malaccensis is endangered and protected worldwide under the CITES convention.

Current Pure Oud Oils:

Oud for the Soul
It is well known Oud and incense has been used throughout history by people of religion and spirituality to get closer to God. Never more-so than in the life of the Prophet SAW. There are many narrations and stories of how He (pbuh) would use fragrances of the highest quality to perfume himself, and one would be able to recognise his presence from his amazing scent. Hadhrat Ibn Umar used to burn pure Oudh and camphor mixed with Oudh as incense fragrance. He said “Likewise, Rasullullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) used to burn incense.” (Saheeh Muslim, Hadeeth #2254). We realise Oud is comparitively expensive to other fragrances and therefore we try to provide high grades at affordable prices. However a great lesson is to be learnt from 'Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), who used to say that, 'Whoever spends a third of his wealth on 'Itr is not being extravagant.'