Aahtuu Kaunggsaw

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Aahtuu Kaunggsaw

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A perfume to its very core, Neroli, Orange blossom, citrus, green, smoky and wonderfully oudy…

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2 reviews for Aahtuu Kaunggsaw

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Mossy green, brilhant ,very little sweet,the smell stays near of skin.
Unusual smell , seems a blend of malay and hindi oud.

Great oil! On par with Royal Chen Xiang and Kachin Ko-Shwe in term of quality and the signature green “Kyara” note.

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For those lucky enough to pick up Aarai ko Shway at the bargain price we had it at, you will certainly recognise how precious this oil is. Another oil from the Burmese wizard, Aahtuu picks up where AKS left off. The citrus opening is still there, the orange/ lilac notes slightly flowery almost “piercing”. As it dries the neroli prominence starts to subdue, the metallic sharpness is softened and a green smoky note envelopes and grounds the oil. Dare we say it again maybe the Kyara note has decided to make an appearance? The greenness carries the oil further into a sweet honeyed affair, you could say at this point that the oil was quite possibly the sweetest Hindi Agoloccha you have come across; but the green note wisps in and out reminding you that this is definitely Burmese. A wild, delicate at times but powerful fragrance, please enjoy.