Aarai Ko Shway – Wild Burmese

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Aarai Ko Shway – Wild Burmese

Beautiful notes of orange blossom, vanilla and a green ‘Kyara’ elusiveness

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Welcome to the ‘Zenith Collection’, and what better way to start than this absolute gem of an oil from Burma. This is a truly crystalline oil, in terms of distillation and aroma. Using a very scientific approach to distilling, this combination of copper and high grade glass has resulted in a lovely airy oil. The initial opening bursts forth with Orange blossom, clean crisp Myanmar air, drying to hints of vanilla and cinnamon. We never make bold claims of Kyara however this oil truly exhibits that elusive green Kyara note. This should sell for twice or thrice the price however we want our customers to be able to appreciate oud without the eye watering price tags.