Adhrijaya II – Walla Patta

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Adhrijaya II – Walla Patta

SOLD OUT After the success of the original Adhrijaya we knew a larger scale distillation had to be done. The…

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y Taraweeh prayers will never be the same.

I have been swiping my neck, different Ouds but the best experience and one that I am compelled to write is regards to Adhrijaya II by (IO)

With first application there is very little to notice but as I arrived at the the Masjid the nuances started emerging and from eight rakahs and on, with the the body temperature increasing, it is then that the thing went in to full flow.

At one point I felt as if the entire Masjid was filled with this beauty (it obviously wasn’t), I was just getting wafted and I feared with a smile that I may swoon (tad exaggeration) but it was a lovely experience.

I say bring on the curry burps!!!:Cautious:….or perhaps not, no oud in the world is ever going to neutralize the burp, esp one emanating from the chacha.

Oh and the the journey home with windows wound down was just AAaaaahhh

Today I put a big swype of adhrijaya 2 from IO !

No doubt there is large portion of very high sinking oud grade like in the video.
Wow what a smell !

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After the success of the original Adhrijaya we knew a larger scale distillation had to be done. The oil was truly transcendent with an ethereal quality hard to capture in mere words. Therefore we started planning a visit to Sri Lanka and lining up meetings with various jungle folk and traders to allow us to use the exceptional material used the first time.

After arriving in Colombo, settling down for the night, the first order of the next morning was to start inspecting the current haul of wood. Some of the pieces were fantastic, beautiful aromatic logs, branches and amazing chips. After doing the dunk test a good few kilos of the chips were sinking and looking at the larger pieces you could see there were nice chunks within that would also sink.

Now to the oil, we loved the first incarnation so why change something when its not broken? Of course there are some slight differences due to different wood being used however the quality is still there. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder however there are at times particular objects that all can appreciate. Be it a piece of artwork, the curves of a classic sports car, the look on the face of your children, whatever it may be not only do you find it pleasing to let your gaze fall upon it, it makes you feel something inside. The same can be said when your olfactory sense is triggered, an otherworldly scent shudders your very soul and ultimately you feel… something.

Making grand gestures doesn’t come to us naturally and nor do we want to make a start now however we do want you to enjoy our offering and feel, feel the emotions and let go, let the scent take you for a ride. It wont be everyday you get to experience an oil crafted with such precision, each note delicately unravelling itself taking you deeper. The ubiquitous opening may leave one dumbfounded, if emeralds and sapphires had an aroma it would be this – the most crystal clear green note we have ever experienced with the smoothest camphor. The scent of raw agarwood caresses you, papaya, wild mango, crushed rose. Everything that lovers of walla patta wood yearn for in an oil. Dry down is gently heated wood, the description is simple, the scent isnt.

We have made a few grams of the sinking chips available for sale and there are some larger aromatic pieces too for decoration, or burning.

Possibly the best Walla Patta oil in the world…you decide.