Betung Banyuasin

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Betung Banyuasin

Honey,vanilla and oakmoss from Sumatra

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From the jungles of South Sumatra, this oil comes to you as green and humid as the jungle itself. Distilled from wild Malacensis trees, this oil encapsulates the true Sumatran spirit. Wet jungle notes, minty fresh eucalyptus and soothing camphor. As it dries it unveils sweet vanilla and bursts of green apple all intertwined within a smoky deep wooden heart. After a few hours the incense takes over, akin to something crafted by a fine Japanese master.

Soaking was kept to a minimal time of 3 days, this works best with the raw material as further soaking would create fermentation issues. For a quality Sumatran at an amazing price you’ll be hard pressed to find another…