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Brings us great pleasure to bring our first Sulawesi oil to you guys; and what a treat it is. Most…


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Well, truly the nexus and nucleus of eastern fragrances and the western aromas is CELEBES. Oud oil it is, but The Oud that is a classical Raga Darbari- the king of ragas- that has various notes and notations, and those notes are neither superimposed or injected, but inherently present there. Celebes does emanate such notes that reflect Japanese fine incense, Indian sandal and Oud laden air, Western floral symphony, and Arabian desert night scent. While writing now, the un-capped bottle is on the table, and the 15 by 20 study of mine is an Atlantic of Oud scent. I’m not innately floral oriented, but Celebes’ aura at its periphery is Oudy floral, and it is savagely beautiful. Though I haven’t studied its dry down notes, but WHO CARES now when opening has stretched afar. I couldn’t resist tasting it now :).
I love Celebes Sulawesi:clapping:! IT IS ‘THE LIVING LEGEND’ , not a ‘gone’ one.
Faheem bhai, I’m thankful to you that you introduced me Celebes when it was an ‘unheard’ oil:praying:! You know, this oil has satiated, to some extent, my thirst for Musk as well. A trail is definitely there.
God be with you evermore.

Campfire in the middle of rainy Papua jungle roasting some cinnamon-flavored marshmallow held by agarwood incense stick in one hand and sniffing a piece of sohan dropped in a cup of coffee in the other hand. The Jungle starts drying letting suave fungal mustiness to dominate in the drydown that is less intense than of the one present in the great IO Mamberamo. One of THE best IO offerings in my opinion to date. If you like AA Royal Papua you will crazy love Celebes.

This will age into a sheer beauty. Cinnamon-flavored oud liqueur

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A unique Jungle Genre oud.
What stands-out for me is the semi-sweet marshmallow, tame spices, resiny-oudiness, wild jungle vibe, a little bit of indescribable otherworldliness, and a fantastic scent progression.
Excellent collector’s oil.

I red above jungle, camp fire and Eastern Fragance/western aroma 100% spot one, another oud perfume in a pure oud bottle.

Jungle smell in a french oriental perfume perspective and still at a bargain price !

Really amazed with it’s performance !

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Brings us great pleasure to bring our first Sulawesi oil to you guys; and what a treat it is. Most people probably haven’t had the pleasure of sampling Aquilaria Cumingiana, a species prevalent on only a few of the Indo islands, Sulawesi, Maluku and small parts of Papua.

If you were one of the lucky few to have bought Mamberamo then you would have experienced the extreme green, sparkling headiness brought to you by Celebes. This oil has a sweet piercing jungle opening, deeply camphoric but with the brightness of fresh crushed agarwood leaves. Exotic fruit wafts through, Mango, Papaya, Banana leaves, all delicately balanced.

The dry down takes another route, freshly ground Java beans and gentle agarwood incense. The rich oudy notes now have an intensely calming aura, an encompassing richness which is soothing to the core.