Ceylon Royale

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Ceylon Royale

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Copper kissed walla patta Oud of the highest quality


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2 reviews for Ceylon Royale

First impression:
well, hello there! arent you beautiful. what an elegant, stipped down, minimally gorgeous oil. a very lively oil. exhilarating scent. instantly charges me and gives me a boost of energy and puts a smile (a big one) on my face. green/blue salty oceanic notes. very mildly medicinal. cooling but not like mint or camphor. perhaps more like green frankincense. bud and jacks/stem of jasmine and lilies. green floral in other words. this is an insanely beautiful sri lanka and imho easily the best yet from Imperial oud and even tops the most insane opening of ADII. run. this one is special and lovers of NG, Malay, Sumatra and Brunei oils i feel will find this oil right in their wheelhouse and a terrific one too. many thumbs up.

Second impression with more focus on dry down:
What I love about the Ceylon Royale is the litheness. The super high wearability of it. I dont want to use the word “dilute” or “light”cause is neither but it just got this perfect balance that makes it easy to wear again and again and again. The dry down is the very essence of gyrinops in srilanka. Cinnamon heart notes like that of malinau linger along this mildly aged patchouli notes and green cardamom. Just terrific stuff.

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For me this is certainly the finest of the Sri Lankan oils released. It has unparalleled clarity in the scent, which allows for that rarest combination of delicate and deep – namely, soft white florals in the top, almost like lilacs, a crystal clear green frankincense heart and the haunting ancient and uplifting base that anyone who has heated Sri Lankan wood would immediately recognise. The best part about it is the heart note which is perfectly balanced and serene, like the finest boswelia sacra essential oil with all of the uplifting therapeutic effects. A very fine oud and certainly one of the very best Sri Lankan oils I have ever smelled.

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So, what happens when you are able to find and repair an old copper pot and take the best pyrex equipment custom built to our requests then some of the finest wood from Sinharaja, Wilpatu and from the Kandy province? A truly definitive Sri Lankan Walla Patta experience. This Oud encapsulates the very essence of the species, cooked lovingly for almost a month, with lovely resinous juicy wood.

This green elixir pierces out with a vaporous camphoric spritz. Slight hints of the AD series but as this was hydro distilled it has therefore developed more lower down body.  The crystalline element is very prominent here, the aroma of what one would imagine of Jade to be with a vein of green frankincense running right through the middle. Slightly smoky but not enough to take centre stage, hints of the exotic fruits but again not enough to overpower, the marine saltiness also present but again not pushing itself to the fore; resulting in a very delicately balanced oil.

Having now produced almost ten oils in Sri Lanka we know this oil is going to age into something supreme, at the time of release  its barely one month old (Birth date of October 17). The stripped back nature of it is what intrigues us most not to mention the jewel like colour.