Fragrant Harbour Supreme

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Fragrant Harbour Supreme

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Cooked from plantation Guangdong and wild Hainan Wood


0.25 ml, 3 ml, 12 ml

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At first, I didn’t understand this oil. I thought it was a bit too vegetal and zesty. However, to be honest I don’t think I gave this oil enough of my patience. Now, this is an oil that I wake up wanting to smell, and every time I pop the cap open it’s soothing aroma wafts around me. It first start’s out vegetal, zesty and bitter, with an aged raw puer note. Give it about a minute and it turns into this beautifully vibrant, bitter sweet oil, but with plenty of complexity, and still hasn’t lost it’s beautiful puer note. I am getting notes of stone fruits, and woodiness, covered in this amazingly smooth cloth. Though it might be vibrant it is very balanced and very smooth. This oil as well, is very active on my wrist. Sometimes I will get the regular notes from it, but sometimes it turns and gives me a waft of vanilla, or a little bit more vegetal, or a hint more bitter, it almost seems like it is constantly changing! I put this oil on at Morning prayer, and it lasted with me until sunset. One of my favorites by far, and for this price it’s a steal!

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If you were one of the lucky few to pick up one of the greatest bargains offered by us the last time round – Fragrant Harbour – then you know not to delay with purchasing this oil. If you weren’t one then prepare to be dazzled, shocked and amazed all at once.

Taking the last distillation as a marker we made our enquiries into locating wild stock of Hainan/ Hong Kong wood, dust shavings, anything we could get our hands on. Extremely lucky and humbled that along with high quality Guangdong plantation wood, some lovely old dust also went into the pot. The resultant 10ish tolas is hands down one of the best representation of Chinese wood at the absolute best price point.

The opening of vibrant orange tanginess is still there followed by the bitter-sweet aroma sinensis is so famous for. However this time round the aroma is so much more vibrant, more… intense. You have the most alluring bitter almond buzzing around and as the oil warms on your skin the bitter citrus fruit peels away leaving the sweeter inner flesh. The dry-down is where this oil excels its predecessor, you have the smoky incense but instead of Sinensis wood on coal, this variant is more kodo’ style. A delicate unveiling of herbs, fresh chopped mint, basil all add to the refined character of this oil.

Best thing about this? Its the same price as before, enjoy!