Fragrant Harbour

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Fragrant Harbour

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Wild Aquilaria Sinensis of Hong Kong is sadly almost extinct, the trees are under guard and there is a shoot…


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FH instantly billows with a bouquet of otherworldly flowers in a fresh cut wood basket, there’s a bitter kinamic twist and some earthiness.
It is indeed fragrant, and has excellent longevity.
Drydown exposes the oudiness, and delivers a unique smell that dare I say is othergalaxial.
I somehow feel that I’m smelling a potent stick of incense, but without the smoke.

Wood notes intermingle with bitter kinamic notes, some notes of camphor and flowers, that’s all you’ll find in this beautiful oil. With aging it will become a legend. If you can, I advise you to take two bottles minimum, one for immediate enjoyment and one for generations to come.

I received a sample this morning of this oil , it wasn’t labelled so at the time I didn’t know what I was smelling but straight away I thought Ceen ( al shareef oud) This has that same medicinal camphoric opening , others have mentioned mushrooms and carrot seed , which I do get too and damp soil in a jungle . A soaring kinam note throughout the progression .
i can’t believe I’m smelling something like this at this price point and without sounding like an advert , everyone needs to try this oil

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I’m getting bittersweet orange peel, fresh-watered earth, and rustic medicinality on the opening. Over the first half hour, this progresses into a more refined, savory and vegetal (bergamot?) phase on my skin. A restrained, liquid backbone of agarwoodiness emerges in the dry-down, providing the ideal backdrop for a complex and captivating camphoraceous note. This note is ethereal, seeming at once strange and familiar, and inspiring the kind of wistful nostalgia to which quality fragrances often aspire. Will be interested to see how this oil develops over time. On my skin, normal sillage and fantastic longevity. Fragrant Harbour seems a great way to understand the typicity of A. sinensis oils. No regrets whatsoever on a blind bottle purchase. Also wanted to thank IO for bringing this innovative and compelling product to market at an approachable price point.

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Wild Aquilaria Sinensis of Hong Kong is sadly almost extinct, the trees are under guard and there is a shoot to kill order in place! For us it would not make sense to tap into such a threatened and rare resource so we decided to look around the area. Luckily we managed to track down a plantation in the Guangdong region which took many saplings from around the Hong Kong region when it became clear that logging would destroy everything. The Plantation owners were very meticulous with regards to the cultivation methodology, only drill holes and infection from naturally occurring fungus, grubs/ ants etc. Many trees are now 12 year+ and the oldest of these have been harvested for incense wood and oil production.

When we started discussions we realised some of the techniques and understanding they had was not according to our principles. Mainly soaking was excessive, this was rectified down to 12 days; also some of the collection apparatus was upgraded.

The resultant oil is now much cleaner and brighter. The opening of vibrant orange tanginess is followed by the bitter-sweet aroma sinensis is so famous for. Any barn type off notes have been ironed out leaving a truly special oil. You have the most alluring bitter almond buzzing around and as the oil warms on your skin the bitter citrus fruit peels away leaving the sweeter inner flesh. The dry-down is where this oil really turns on the charm, gentle notes of musky powder as if one is opening up an old antique drawer; the aroma trapped within comes tumbling out.

I’m sure we’ll be corrected if wrong but this maybe a first again from IO…?