Hojai Mithai

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Hojai Mithai

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Haflong oud oil at its finest

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The first note of this oud when applied is a heavy woody presence with a hint of barn but a mysterious sweetness lerks within. As the oil settles after 10 minutes the true beauty of the oil emerges with almost like a honeycomb scent with tobacco notes and a deep smokey aroma. This oil is very strong and long lasting and i could smell it on my skin after 8 hours of applying it a true gem for hindi oud lovers

An hindi oud which starts off with a non predominant barnyard/hay note and blends into classic sweet/spicy; decisely strong but always with a lovely chocolate note until the end, very beautiful!

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As the name suggests, this is a sweet dish… Conjured by our regular partner in India, this oil is distilled from the amazing raw wood from the Haflong region. As soon as the top is unscrewed a strong powerful presence is revealed, a wild untamed beast. As you swipe on to skin, vast swathes of cocoa bean eminate revealing a heart of sweet rose. An extraordinary oil as it progresses throughout the day, after 3+ hours a most astonishing green note takes over, akin to vetiver. Prepare to be amazed, especially at our super competitive pricing.