Kambodi Imperiale – Koh Kong 2016

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Kambodi Imperiale – Koh Kong 2016

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ImperialOud Kambodi Imperiale:

Sugar-coated grounded wood barks, scoop of cardamom-flavored vanilla icecream, and handful of dried fruits, sour mango and brush of green lime peel mixed together in metallic bowl and garnished with white flowers and petitgrain, tobacco leaves, and traces of Band-Aid heated on low temperature to be enjoyed by inhaling the blissful vapors.

I would classy this uber excellent brew with addicted quality as one of the few atypical “golden-hued” Cambodi oils.

Or should I say Bornean Cambodi?…

K I has a profile that is difficult to put into words

My new love IO Kambodi Imperiale

That’s really masterpiece from IO this Cambodian are one of my top kambodi oil after thaqeel the profile are unbelievable! I feel so relaxing when I use it at my work In morning…

High class cambodian one.
Really I was tired of being educated to theses hindi style cambodian wich can be only stamped “Koh Kong” certified because of it’s rustic tobbacoish almost barny cherry wood note (say the hindiest crasna).
Here you got a classy oil with resinous body wich certify high quality dust went into the pot.
Congrats guys for this hit !
Keep rockin’

So Amazing! This oud is so wonderfully sweet and complex. All I can equate it to is like resinous Thai chips on low heat, it smells very similar to the puffs of honey sweetness you get as soon as you put a chip on the mica plate. But if you don’t have any Thai chips laying around, this oud is a sweet one, with a honey-like sweetness that is just so addictive, It’s aswell very smooth and nuanced, as I’m working I can just smell its sweet scent pulsating around me. One of my all-time favourite ouds and my nominee for Oud of The Year 2017 on Ouddict.

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Cambodian Oud has a special place reserved in most Oud lovers hearts. Its where one first experienced fruity, juicy thick honey like oils, before the world was introduced to other species and variants. This wood produces the sweetest, berry like aroma in the oud world and therefore huge plantations have gone up in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam to mass produce this. The resultant oils from these producers is no doubt pleasant and sweet (not to mention cheap) however the trend has leaned towards a more generic fragrance, and sometimes slightly cloying. For serious ouddicts this fermented berry, banana, tobacco aroma is a little boring now and many will only consider cambodian oud if it is unique. Something deeper darker, greener, maybe brighter with better progression, and so not ones to shy away from a challenge we have ploughed on to develop and produce an oil with our own distinct twist.

We had a great starting base -Khmer Khloem Chan- utilizing some amazing wild wood and shavings (small piece will be sent with each full bottle purchased), coupled to a copper pot and condenser we were very confident this oil would be special. The distiller we used normally soaks for 20/30 days so our request for 2 days max was difficult for him to swallow but he proceeded saying any yield issues are ours to accept, no problem!

Now to the oil itself, first whiff of the stick sends one into the freshest green forest scent. Not a deep jungle note but bright an airy, at this point you will doubt wether this is from cambodia! Dont worry the familiar aroma will arrive…. after some time. The first detectable notes are fresh green Mango, Cardamom, and florals thrown into the mix. During this initial period there is a nice smoothness provided by fresh tobacco which carries the oil through to the end. As it dries down to your skin the sweet berries synonymous with cambodian oils come to the fore, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry with faint whiffs of lemon zest. Longevity is good with tobacco partnering you to the end of the journey.

Cambodian wood – Imperialised!