Khao Yai Super

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Khao Yai Super

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Delicious grassy, woody Oil from Northern Thailand

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1ml, 3ml

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The Khao Yai Super is a very interesting oil – fresh and green with a whiff of smooth camphor to start, getting gradually sweeter over some hours and adding a touch of citrus.

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From the foothills of the Khao Yai mountain, this oil has been coaxed out of approx 20 year old cultivated trees. As the air and soil is different to the Trat region, this oil is very different to the normal crassna you come across. A fresh green minty aroma emits as soon as you pop open the stopper. Waves of freshly mown grass interlaced with hints of vetiver. The dry down is a deep simmering cacao, the finest creamy chocolate.

This is a very sweet, enigmatic oil which has a great longevity. We guarantee your wrist will be glued to your nose trying to decipher this deep, delectable delight…