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Burmese oils have quickly become a favourite for us, the allure of the bitter almond, bright piercing citrus and deep…


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Earthy foliage vapor;
flesh of fruits with sweetness;
a little bitterness;
a little caramel;
lightly oudy;
lightly resinous;
lightly kinamic;
lightly woody.
A beautiful and sweetish refreshing oud with notes in harmony.

My first burmese oil. Its what I call a fine oud, a gentleman oud. zesty orange and citrus, flower and green sweet biterness. musky drydown and long lasting

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Burmese oils have quickly become a favourite for us, the allure of the bitter almond, bright piercing citrus and deep robustness. Extremely easy to wear, they not only make you feel like a million dollars you actually smell of it too!

When we were having our last Burmese distillation conducted we used high quality incense wood, A, A/B grade which can fetch $3/4 per gram if bought in the open market. We were also introduced to a wood vendor who had a very nice haul of sinking grade wood. The price was punishingly high however we negotiated a reasonable sum for the shavings/ carving dust from this truly amazing wood. So as Aahtu was coming into existence we had a very limited distillation conducted but with awesome wood resulting in – Konbaung.

Our previous releases have all exhibited similar characteristics common in Burmese Sinensis – Bitter Almond, Sparkling Citrus, Neroli, Jasmine and a piercing green quality (kinam maybe?). Konbaung continues with all of this but in heaps and spadefuls. The opening citrus is loud and all encompassing, the sweetest orange peel, lemon zest and grapefruit envelop you. Then as if you’ve entered a sweet shop from a bygone era¬†you’re greeted by lashings of lemon sherbert, Drumsticks, ¬†Refreshers (if you’re from the UK you’ll know) and candied orange segments. All of this tamed by an undercurrent of beautiful bitter green ethereal incense with a smattering of crushed Holly and Beech leaves.

The oil dries down to a musky sweet powdery aura common in classic french perfumes. The Citrus still pops in and out of the picture however the deep green antique leather now dominates. This oil after all the hard work and toil involved only yielded just shy of 40ml. It’s only due to our relationship with the distiller and the wood supplier that enabled us to be “gifted” with such raw materials. The oil has been priced as competitively as possible, and in our humble opinion one of the best examples of whats possible with Sinensis.