Kushiara – Wild Hindi

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Kushiara – Wild Hindi

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A Hindi oil stripped of any off notes, only pure honeyed, plum redness

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2 reviews for Kushiara – Wild Hindi

Thank you so much for an immaculately crafted Kushiara – Wild Hindi oud oil. Its initial note is reminiscent of Borneo agarwood oils, especially the one that I have had for several years – East Kalimantan by Agar Aura. Possessing no barn notes, it has incredibly pure camphoric and vanilla notes with a hint of plums and berries hovering in the background. Every instance of inhaling this oil makes you go on a new olfactory journey. Thank you a lot for this wonder.

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If you would like an Oud that is the nectar of the Gods, uplifting, exquisitely scented, and as smooth as silk, this one is for you.

Perfection in a bottle!

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Very rarely do you come across Hindi oils which are devoid of the classic ‘Barnyard’ note. Generally the soaking time coupled with cultivated wood and old-school distillation methods produces this signature of oil.

Kushiara was distilled from wild Hindi wood painstakingly gathered over a few months, minimal soaking time and special distillation techniques. The result is one of the most complex and heart warming Oud oils we have come across. The opening is of a sweet hay, devoid of any unpleasant “barn” notes, a warm woody creaminess. The oil smells thick as absurd as that sounds. The heart of this oil is a sweet plummy red note, more reminiscent of Thai oils than Hindi. A true gem, please enjoy!