Meghalaya XV

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Meghalaya XV


Great Example of Traditional Hindi, warm, zesty barn


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Sandwiched between Bangladesh and Assam is the state of Meghalaya, a forest nation. Almost 70% of the state in fact is forest, and this has interesting implications to agarwood plantations. Plantations/ homegrown agarwood can be extremely old here, there are many private estates with trees planted in the 30s/ 40s.

The family we connected with in this state have 3 generations tradition of Agarwood wood sales and a long history of oil production. Utilising their experience and some of our own ideas, Meghalaya XV was born. Using traditional styles of cooking to keep the delicious “Hindi Barn” this oil is cemented to the original aroma of Indian Oud, however Meghalaya XV is multi-faceted. This definitely isn’t a linear barnfest, in fact the progression is a spectacle to enjoy.

Opens with indolic hay, leather and citrus fruits; which then gives away to zesty tart berries. This aroma layers up with a more sweeter burnt caramel, wisps of tobacco and hints of cacao. The toffee and citrus lead a merry dance for quite a number of hours with a peach/ nectarine note popping in to say hello, before a more woody green note becomes apparent. This sweet greenness leads you all the way to the end, an oil which is still very much detectable 12 hours+.

We’re all about making statements and for an oil cooked early 2015 at this price from very old plantation wood…

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