Mukhdhir – Wild Malay

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Mukhdhir – Wild Malay

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Greeny, to make green, leafy- Mukhdhir. A perfect way to epitomise this oil in one word. When freshly distilled this…

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A wonderful refreshing green oud quite unlike anything else I have. The website description is spot on, except I wouldn’t use the word ‘jungle’ as to me that has connotations of humidity and rotting leaves which I don’t detect. This is the olfactory equivalent of sipping on a sugared green juice with plenty of ice in it – pine and camphor dancing on top of a playful sweet oudy base. There is also a magical trickster quality that accompanies it. For some reason I expect the Celtic Green Man or the characters of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to suddenly appear as I smell it. The sweetness slowly gives way to a sharper green note bordering on menthol but not quite getting there. A very interesting and refreshing oud of very high quality.

Very nice oil. Smells far more expensive. Pleasant Green notes, buttery smooth.

This oil has matured nicely. When I first received it I was blown away by the smell. It has that fresh out quality that I look for in Malaysian ouds but often do not find. But unfortunately it stayed very close to the skin. But as it has aged a bit it’s projection has increased nicely.

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Greeny, to make green, leafy- Mukhdhir. A perfect way to epitomise this oil in one word. When freshly distilled this oil was a deep green, a lovely shade of dark jade. Its turned a little blueish now but still a deep rich hue.

This oil is special, we took a great deal of care and attention that what we wanted was created. The raw materials were truly what one would classify as incense grade, the finest Malaccensis shavings from sinking and super grades of wood. We actually have some of the wood (at the time of writing) for sale which some of the shavings came from. However as there wasn’t enough high quality material available just from Terranganu, a mixture of wood was used- 20% Kelantan, 20% Pahang and remainder Terranganu.

The aroma is bewildering, quality drips from it. Upon contact with the skin the first thing you’ll smell and feel is green, a deep rich green note of the jungle without harshness. Pine, bergamot, sprinkles of camphor all delicately intertwine and dance upon your skin. This is followed by swathes of juicy citrus upon a base of smooth, deep mintiness. Some have described it as refreshing, a sort of palate cleanser if you will; not at all cloying even though it has a sweet aspect to it.