Rangapara – Wild Hindi

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Rangapara – Wild Hindi

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A sweet Hindi oil with a lovely red Cambodi note…

Now available in 1ml Max Recovery V Vials

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Imperial Oud is a good supplier , no doubt !
Assam with a hint of Cambodi , beautiful marriage.
This aroma is very harmonious and not weak !

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Very unique opportunity to own an oil crafted from wild materials which are constantly diminishing. Its rare to come across wild wood from this particular region of Assam, the area is almost the very north of the state, close to the border of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas and interlaced with tributaries of the Brahmaputra all add to the evocative nature of this oil.

Without doubt this oil is one of the sweetest we have had the privilege to offer. The oil opens with a slight spiced tea, hint of barn to let you know its Hindi and a deep leathery note, the kind you get from a well used wallet. The oil quickly transmutes into what can only be called a red Thai/ Cambodi profile. If you were to take a sniff at this stage it would be difficult to convince one this was a Hindi oil. Gradually it reveals its very Indian heart, the familiar sweet honeyed notes, wild flowers and a deep green woodiness.

This oil is very Regal, thats the simplest way to describe it. Oud lovers are sure to appreciate the subtle complexities and newcomers will love the depth of sweetness.