Rasa Hutan- Malinau

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Rasa Hutan- Malinau

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Sweet jungle notes from Borneo

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1ml, 3ml

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(verified owner)

Very good oud for the price. It remember me BORNEO #90 from unsfinecrafts. Tipical borneo,long lasting,fresh jungle !

(verified owner)

Oudaddicts DO NOT leave this opportunity! This Malinau is a gift for the price!!!!!!!!

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*New Batch*

A repeat distillation by an artisan on the Island of Borneo. The oil is fantastically fresh and green. Great notes of wet jungle and freshly cut grass laced with vanilla. Deep earthy note which gently turn sweeter and sweeter. The trees are wild from the Malinau region in Northern Kalimantan, approx 50 yrs old.