Sasong Sungsud – Laos 2016

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Sasong Sungsud – Laos 2016

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Laotian oils if you’ve come across them are a little barn heavy, actually a lot barn heavy! Many distillers from…


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Sasong by Imperial Oud: Laotian: Longevity is mervellous, and fragrance is beautifully mysterious! For me, above words is its perpetually increasing mesmerism. I wish to bathe in the the stream of Sasong, running through the aged dark and deep jungle, that turning to be a lake twisting through the hard rock mountains, and in the end winding through the desert in spring, and, finally, silently into an ocean. YES. I FELT ALL THREE PHASES IN A SINGLE SWIPE that proved to be OCEANIC.
“Woods are lovely dark n deep” and “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”!
Sasong is incarnation of Frost-ian and Keats-ian poetic imagination.

10 STARS for sure !
This Lao Oil is beautiful , no off putting notes , no cheese and no fecal notes.
Top Note : Animalic Nuances dances off the Bat like Babe Ruth hitting a home run. Dark berries from another planet. Bitter note appears after 20 minutes. Top note changes like an intriguing novel.
Middle Note : Pure incense & woods , Laotian profile settles in like a barista giving the finest Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee freshly brewed.
Base Note Dry down: Spicy & earthy and silage Is amazing . Just mesmerized on the dry down.

The price of the Oud is a gift for sure. The Caliber of the oil is majestic and beautiful. Plus the packaging is the most Elegant I ever seen. With the Velvet interior just made me blush SubanaAllah . Only thing Imperial Oud is missing is Bob Barker from the Price is right , cause the price is a dream come true. The future of Oud looks bright , May Allah bless your team , and now you have a client for life inshaAllah, , JazakaAllah for the Great Oils and all the free samples , truly number 1 customer service in the Oud World. You do it for the passion cause I can feel the love.

Ish Montreal

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Laotian oils if you’ve come across them are a little barn heavy, actually a lot barn heavy! Many distillers from Laos learnt their trade from old Indian masters and then tweaked for their own taste. Therefore now Laos is synonymous with the blue cheese of the oud world, oils that exhibit a nature close to Stilton, or Roquefort. What do you get if you then take wild Lao wood, up to 30 years in age, then soak in a more hygienic atmosphere and cook with a little more understanding. You get Sasong, an oil that takes the rich leathery barn aspect but doesn’t sacrifice the rich juicy plumy nature this wood has to offer.

Off the stick ┬áthe oodles of sour cherry and plum conserve envelope you, the oil is strong and lets you know. So only a couple of drops are required, to take on a full swipe you’re better off staying at home or if one is going for prayers where the general scent of Hindi oud is more common. For them this will be an absolute treat! Off the wrist the initial fruitiness dies down to a warm leathery barn, hay bales and pops with┬áripened fruit. This stage lasts for at least half an hour or so, the scent then seems to drift off before the fruit is back, however this time with a spiciness. Blueberry/ Blackberry medley, Cumin, Cinnamon all decide to stick their heads through the door. At this stage its hard not to think of Black Forest Gateaux, the rich chocolate and berries, deliciously indulgent and very rich!

We guarantee you keep coming back to your wrist, ever revealing something slightly different. After around 5 hours a powdery floral dry-down drifts in which lasts for the duration, this was detectable on skin up to 10 hours later.