Semkhor – Wild Hindi – First Fraction

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Semkhor – Wild Hindi – First Fraction

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*During distillation we kept back a little of the first fraction, this is the lightest, brightest part of the oil…


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5 reviews for Semkhor – Wild Hindi – First Fraction

first impresions after smelling, Oud ayoub from EO. these 2 are very alike, grass, but no fecal smell, a little barnyard. very much hindi profile. reccommended for hindi lovers. not much for me.

semkhor is a beautiful hindi, in fact along with oud khidr, one of the only hindis i like, the soft smooth barn seems to be spread over the whole scent profile rather than just being sharp in the top if that makes sense!

oday I wore Wild Hind: Semkhor by IO! At least ten hours before I had its swipe, a mild swipe. The first wave firmly stamped its being every inch the Hindi Oud, engulfing and recreating at the same time. And the new experience, for me at least, was the first wave in the air unveiled its multi dimensions so quickly. Just opening of the bottle, and unending vistas of scented symphony of Semkhor became my first hand experience. Generally I wear Oud on the upper part of my hand, in between thumb and index finger. At the moment, a sway of my hand leaves behind spectacular ripples of Hindi in the air. I expected heavy barnyard in there, but my olfactory could not grasp that, rather it was mild but continuous.
For me, the most important thing is the behaviour of Oud oil in the early morning, but worn at night. Let’s see!
Thanks Imperial Oud for this fragrance, for me which is to be lost in the super nova of Oud.

IO Semkhor (new school hindi hihi)

I was in my car driving back from the masjid and a sweet (ice)creamy milk smooth scent come to my nose…

…it is semkhor drydown mach’ALLAH

good morning , IO Semkhor anyone like dark chocolate aroma !? šŸ˜Ž

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*During distillation we kept back a little of the first fraction, this is the lightest, brightest part of the oil which comes off within the first 12 to 24 hours. We decided to leave that to the side for ageing. Happy to offer that to you now!*

Wild wood in India is hard to find, we all know that. However it is there, majority of it taken quickly from the hands of hunters and exported to the hub that is Dubai. Hunters regularly bring new harvests to major towns and villages to sell their wood and our partner has a great network. The wood used for this oil has come from the border of Assam and Manipur, closest village to it called Semkhor. After enquiring further we were made to understand that the material wasn’t sourced from one tree but from a few within that region, either side of the Assam/ Manipur border.

We love our Hindi oils, for most of us the introductionĀ in to this world probably started with a whiff of cultivated, funky, punch in the nose Oud-al-Hindi. We have tried to push the envelope into more complex, wild Hindi oils with a few good offerings (Rangapara, Kushiara) which have set what we would believe to be quite a high benchmark. This oil has been distilled by a very experienced, local distiller; someone who understands exactly how to get the best out of the wood and has been brought upto speed regarding hygiene standards. Good clean setup, no hands used for collection, wood not soaked for months to rot, perfect.

As this is a wild oil its a very dignified, characterful oil. Opening is sweet musk, a refined nature not brash at all. The wild mountain air surrounds one as you take deep inhalations, rich jungle woodiness turning to sweet floral nectar. Take a nice headlong dive into Indian Oud…