Siamese Berry

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Siamese Berry

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Floral, fruity oil from the Trat Region

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1ml, 3ml

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Good smell good price good quality! And one important point of view about Imperial oud “CLEAN SMELL”you can to detect the notes easily!

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From a dear friend of ours in Thailand, this oud oil was prepared meticulously from 20 year old organic cultivated trees; meaning there was no “special Juice” added to force resin production only natural infection. The setup for distillation is second to none, copper cooking pots, German glass tubing and teflon connectors all add to the quality of the oil production.

This is a typically Thai oil, loads of plummy jaminess but due to the clarity in distillation there are very pronounced notes of cinnamon and vanilla. The oil only sweetens as it drys down and longevity is great. In fact on clothing this was easily identifiable for 2/3 days.