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Smoky walla patta incense


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a more caramelized, fudge/chocolate, toffee sri pada. the jungle vibe, the green, the wild flower honey still there. blind, is unmistakable sri lanka. a bit of ashtrey and last drag of a cuban stogie is sitting in the heart and base of this oil. the obvious note is walla patta chunk on 11.5 volt electric burner or directly on 30 min post lit charcoal. i think i would call this a manly man, masculine and regal sri lankan oil. Bravo

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Sigiriya- One of the most unique features of Sri Lanka, a fortress built on top of a monolithic rock jutting out from the surface. The name originally means Lion Rock and anyone whos eyes befall upon this marvellous miracle of the ancients would come to know why.

To name an oil Sigiriya we had to produce something that encapsulates the raw spirit of this wonder, strong, proud yet sublime.  To help matters we were able to source some wood north of Sinharaja which exhibited a much more intense tone, not so much of the wild honey sweetness we’ve come to accept from this species. The aroma greeting you as you open the bottle and remove the stick is one of smoke strewed incense, walla patta on charcoal, volume turned to 11! On skin the incense continues however now a more crystalline green jungle vibe kicks in.  The intensity is dialed down a tad and sweetness turned up.

Longevity and silage are both impressive with this oil, a very different representation of walla patta compared to what we have offered in the past. Incense lovers are in for a real treat!