Sinensis II – Imperial China 2017

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Sinensis II – Imperial China 2017

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Call it fortune, call it luck or call it taqdeer we were introduced to an exceptional character. A person who…

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4 reviews for Sinensis II – Imperial China 2017

Super Bon , assez bien décrit. Je rajouterai des nuances de cappucino caramel de la meilleurs qualité… avec son effet thérapeutique, tout le temps envie de le resentir, vraiment pour ceux qu’on les moyens ne pas hésité…

“Cette huile est tous simplement magique et exceptionnelle”
MS France

You just have the scent of sinensis gently heated on a low temp kodo burner…outstanding!

Mashallah! Returned from a long trip to a long awaited package from imperial oud, been extremely curious about IO’s chinese distillation efforts. Hastily unwrapped, took a generous swipe of Sinensis.. and i’m in oudy-bliss! A superbly perfect capture of the heart note of the chinese agarwood specie, an air of deep, meditative sweet resinous calmness of heating top quality woods. not those typical cherry seedy cough syrupy cheesy fermented chinese ouds previously encountered elsewhere. There is no better so far, and I would happily enthrone this to be the most accurate representation of high quality chinese sinensis oud to date

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Call it fortune, call it luck or call it taqdeer we were introduced to an exceptional character. A person who is a stickler for detail, focusing on quality above all else, a person ideal for us to work with! So we decided to see where this would take us…

Not all oils are distilled equally, distillation methods differ, quality of wood used, curing methods and other factors all lead to what we classify as a lower, mid or high grade Oud oil.
Extraction is something seldom used for production of wearable Oud oil as it produces thick, confused and sometimes quite disgusting results.
In true imperial fashion we decided to tackle this conundrum head on. What factors can be changed, how can life be injected into the resultant oil, how can we avoid gloopy boya like pastes and what would be the best raw ingredients?

Our friend advised us he had a good amount of sinensis he wanted to produce an extract from, he had some ideas of changing a few parameters and something else which is truly ingenious… therefore we cant mention anything further! However the results are astounding, astonishing, truly breathtaking.

Take a nice few chips of Sinensis, those which emit an aroma at room temperature and then liquidise it. Thats the closest you’ll get to this scent profile. The sweet smoky texture along with a hint of bitter kinaminess has metamorphasised beautifully into an oil. Its so deliciously smooth and buttery you’ll keep coming back to your wrist for more. As it dries down the scent doesn’t really back down, the initial aroma is still present however turns a tad spicier, hints of Chinese cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. This oil is something spectacular which we recommend wholeheartedly to every person out there who has used oud, definitely one for your collection. And as always at a great price!