Sinharaja – Ceylon 2016

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Sinharaja – Ceylon 2016

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Welcome all to our first official distillation of Incense grade Sri Lankan oil. Our first enterprise in to Walla Patta…

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This is quite simply one of the most astonishing oils I have ever smelled. The quality of raw materials is clearly of the highest possible level, and the scent progression is unbelievably complex and beautiful.

Somewhere in the realm of oud, the smell of humid jungle and the smell of sweet guava have married and melded together, and this oil is the result. It dances between the two poles throughout its progression, and finally settles on a note of pure oud quality the like of which is very rarely encountered. Words really cannot do justice to the world that this oil takes you to. It is somewhere colourful, thriving, mysterious, transcendent.

Five stars does not do it justice, and placing it in ‘The Imperial Range’ does not do it justice. It is incomparable and paradisal.

Sinharaja is an oud that is in a class of its own . Stunning is the first word that comes to mind . It takes you back to ancient times , where it’s just you and the forest , every time I wear it I can imagine being surrounded by trees and the vegetation underfoot . There’s an almost fruity sweetness to it as it progresses , just pure beautiful oud, I can’t even reference this with any other oud that I own or describe it with any justice . Looking forward to wearing it more and getting to know it better .

Lovely oil, strong guava note, similar to Mamberamo but after a short while the Walla patta shines through. I don’t think I’ve smelt the notes of a heated wood so much in an oil before and for me the oil also carries the same psychoactive element of heated Walla patta chips. A jungle forest loveliness of an oil, strong too

(verified owner)

Celui pas Mal aussi mais je préfère le China plus de personnalité tandis que celui plus cher et moins corsé…

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Welcome all to our first official distillation of Incense grade Sri Lankan oil.

Our first enterprise in to Walla Patta oil resulted in 2 excellent contributions to the oud community. The brilliant green Adhirijaya which was a steam distillation, captured the sparkling bright notes of the wood, menthol sweet honey framed with the backdrop of Kinam. Rajakiya was a Hydro distilled oil cooked slowly to try and release a maximum array of compounds, resulting in a much richer deeper oil.

Opening notes of Red grape, fresh Guava, freshly sliced rosebud and a hint of musk and oodles of camphor. The scent soon transports one to a hot humid jungle, close your eyes and you can almost hear the birds chirping, clicking of insects and then almost at a sudden a green crystalline note appears. Becoming ever sweeter and mintier the oil plays around with this profile  for a while; the dry down then introducing you back to the guava but now much sweeter. This is where the spices come to life, heaps of Saffron, Cinnamon, a smattering of black pepper and cardamom.

If you enjoy the beauty of Gyrinops from Papua, or one of the other Indonesian Islands or perhaps even Philippines then this is one for you. There is something intrinsically different however, the sweet spiciness from this ancient land has its own characteristic.

We have released this oil within a couple of weeks of distillation. The oil will change within the next few weeks, months and years; allowing you to enjoy the various stages it goes through and like a baby, seeing how it grows up with all its idiosyncrasies in tow! We look forward to your feedback.