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Sri Pada

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I have very very many oils.
I must say that Sri Pada is a “Must-Have”!

Wore IO’s Sri Pada, and touched the zenith of Sri Pada- Sacred Footprints! The way Sri Pada is considered sacred and the summit of bliss and beauty in Sri Lanka, this Sri Pada Oud made me realize ‘Nirvanic Bliss’! I never decode the tones and nuances of any Oud Oil in term of chocolate, vanilla, leather, etc but by the impression on the shores of consciousness. If I were to name this oil, I would have named it ‘Siddhartha’. Sober! Deep! Seemingly other-like, but intrinsically distinctive. The word ‘nirvana’ turned into a concrete reality. This is my opening encounter with this oil, and what would be the epilogue … hmm… of course, SERENITY and just SERENITY!

Salute to IO team over this distillation. Brother Faheem, thanks and thanks for your ‘Sri Pada’, and my ‘Siddhartha

While Sri Pada is overall a very cheerful oil with its uplifting but not-too-sweet guava and green mango and dragonfruit notes, it also has some deeper earthy notes filling out an expansive olfactory experience. And it bears that addictive walla palla signature. Lots going here, it will take some study to sort it out, and surely I’ll do that sometime. But today I just want to enjoy and not analyze too much. And Sri Pada is pure enjoyment! Great job once again fellas

Sri Pada is wonderful actually this is my favorite profile.

Very special experience but to my twisted nose it’s fantastic : roasted coffee bean opening you’d asking what kind of ride you’re taking.

When it goes starts to appear camphoric slap then … (What a teaser :cool:)

Thick beeswax. Very sweet forest honey mixed with candlewax. A tarry oud smoke aroma provides a stunning unique dimension. A blast of terpenes. Seems like the untouched piece of old wild wood is speaking to me. A refreshing minty eucalyptus gives it a very familiar touch. What a beautiful immersive experience. The drydown is dominated by earthy mossy smoke which I refer to as green incense usually found in wild woods of Southern Oud forests esp those close to the sea reminiscent of high quality papuan resin. It also has hints of the frosty frankincense vapour ending in soft leather and funky oud fat. Truly mesmerizing. This has really surprised me. Well done team IO. God bless.

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Sri Pada can be considered the younger sibling of Rajakiya, The latter having been our initial experiment with hydro distillation in Sri Lanka. We absolutely adored the richness and exotic fruity element of Raja so replicating it at a larger scale was a no brainer.

The opening is smooth mint and camphor falling away to juicy kesar mango and acacia honey. There’s a lovely floral element that intertwines the deep woodines, dried saffron and crushed rose.
Being hydro-distilled this oil contains a deeper more mature base, the dry down is pure bubbling Gyrinops Walla patta.
Curing of approximately 4 months has done the oil a world of good, and one thing to touch upon is the longevity and silage… The oil is no shrinking violet carrying a sense of power and strength.