Sumatra Penganan

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Sumatra Penganan

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Honey,vanilla and oakmoss from Sumatra

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this is a great example of wild Indonesian oud, a very earthy and complex oil, with woody notes, jungly leatheriness, lovely honey and citrus notes within a sharp jungle smell. Very, very nice!

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Fantastic! Sublime! Some of the words coming out of the mouth of our clients upon application of this oil. The distiller has used very high grade wild material to produce this gem, and its very discernible. This is one of the finest oud oils we have sold, hands down. The opening is citrussy with hints of oakmoss, then developing into the classic Borneo notes of honey and vanilla. An oil that powers on through the day, has a great tenacity and never really loosing its freshness. This oil will please the most experienced of Oud connoisseurs, we’re that confident!