Tinsukia – North Assam

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Tinsukia – North Assam

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Leathery opening with sweet tangy fruitiness, a well refined hindi oud


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IO Tinsukia Assam today: Beautiful, soft, subtle!…not at all what I was expecting from what I have heard about Hindi Oud. Maybe a slight salty leather (love it), but nothing barnyard at all. This is my first pure Oud experience.

IO Tinsukia my first thoughts when i sniffed this oil was Assam 3000! However this has a slight burmese style twist. Starts off with very very faint barn with smooth leather smells mature and classy. Then theres fruits, i find fruits kind of boring but not when they are in Hindi’s more so the typical Thai fruits. This is more citrus, orange peel tangy fruits. The dry down is very deep, sweet with a hint of smoke and strong projection and long lasting. If you like Assam 3000 i would recommend sampling this oil….best Hindi IMO from IO so fa

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As Commenter above said above, this oil is at the cross of Assam 3000 and Kaylani at a fraction of price.

Thing that seduced me the most with this oil is that red fruits replaced by blossoming flowers and white peach juice.

Very classy one !

thank you for this review, we dont normally reply but i’m glad people can see the true nature of this oil

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Tinsukia is the un-identical twin of Semkhor, cooked at the same time in the pot right next to it. However the wood for this came from a very different region, almost exactly the opposite area of Assam. Tinsukia is the very northern district, bordering Arunachal Pradesh and a stones throw from Burma. If you have any experience with Burmese agallocha then this oil will immediately make a lot of sense.

Opening with a creamy indolic leather, the aroma is smooth and nuanced. Aging of around 18months (at release) is just enough to iron out any sharpness without dulling any vibrancy.  It exudes a slightly bitter note which morphs into a green citrus aura, Lime and Grapefruit being dominant. The sweet Hindiness still rings true, and progressively gets louder to finally overtake in the dry-down.  A fantastic example of Assamese oil from this region, something which can be enjoyed by all not just Barn lovers!