Trat No.1 (Thai)

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Trat No.1 (Thai)

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Floral, fruity oil from the Trat Region


1ml, 3ml

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This oil starts off like dipping your nose in a basket full of plums coated with honey, The sweetness is close to edible and slowly the woodiness creeps through with notes of sweet smokey wood, The scent sticks for a long time.This oil is of really high quality and the price just too good to be true, You will not find a oil like this for this price anywhere in the UK. This oil is close to what the big names offer for a fraction for the price and well worth adding to the collection

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An explosion of floral, fruity jaminess with hints of Lychee and occasional bursts of ginger. The aroma can only be described as delicious, truly edible in nature. It dries down into a very sweet almost candy like smoothness. This is a great Oud for anyone new to the olfactory pleasures of Agarwood. Longevity is great with over 8 hours on skin and even longer on clothing. A perfect example of what is possible with the Aquillaria Crassna Variety, enjoy…