Viet Zephyr

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Viet Zephyr


Cooling medicinal bitter sweet delight


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View and review, even if done with a true hermit like meditation, cannot grasp the very essence of this OUD OIL. ZEPHYR is there, and truly subtle wave of solemn and sober mature OUD-WOOD fragrance emitting from the clump of aged and aged trees greets with open arms. Is it floral, or mellowed pulp of subcontinental fruit? Is it earthy, or watery? Well, NO! Nameless, but it let every name (fragrance) emerge out of it.
First time ever I felt myself fully liberated from monotonous complex, heavy, chocolaty, musky, etc tones. It is a paradigm shift like Oud Oil. Its being sacerdotal is very much intrinsic attribute that it kept echoing for hours “WHICH OF THE FAVOURS OF YOUR LORD WILL YOU DENY?”
Quintessentially as pure as zephyr. And YES, ZEPHYR is epitome of Zenith Ouds.
I am sure, this Oil would definitely prove itself like “Came, Saw, and Conquered”.

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Vietnamese Sinensis holds great esteem in the agarwood world. The species is considered by many to be the only one to produce Kyara although there are differences of opinion. This however will highlight the rarity and desirability of wild Viet wood.

We were in search of the wood initially which would enable us to bring a true representation of the region. Having contacted a few different people we stumbled across someone who was willing to part with dust and shavings collected from Nha Trang and Hoi An regions.

Take a sniff of the stick and you’re greeted to bitter lemon, worn leather, hints of berries and the desire to find out more. Apply to skin and theres an explosion of sweet, tangy citrus- Key lime pie was a clients response- ¬†sherbert and a background hum of animalic civet. A layer of cooling menthol settles over this initial aroma which now gradually pulls you into the dry down. An hour or so after application Leather, Ambergris and cinnamon have now taken over the show.

What we can say is this is a beautiful depiction of Vietnamese agarwood and due to the price of the raw materials we can squeeze down on the price. Please enjoy!