Wilpatu Raja

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Wilpatu Raja


Sweet oceanic green oud with the signature Walla patta green vibe


0.2ml, 1.5ml, 3ml


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On theĀ  North-western coast of Sri Lanka is an area of great beauty and rawness. This is the area which up until a few hundred years ago was connected to India via a land bridge. Our contacts and perseverance enabled us to approach some local tribal people who had access to exceptional wood. The proximity to the ocean has given this oil a tinge of the oceanic aroma.

Cooked in Stainless Steel this oil has been aged now for around 6 months (Apr 17), produced using hydro distillation in a method similar to Sri Pada. The likeness is there as this oud is a sweet honeyed juicy affair. Beautiful luscious green minty opening is still there but with a more oceanic twist. You still have the Mango peel intertwined with nutmeg, the cedar but all rests upon a bitter green bed. Our characteristic crystalline greenness is again present even though this was a ten day soak, testament to the equipment we use.

Again we used only the best possible wood for this Oud distillation, even a small portion of sinking so at this price we are able to offer something which would’ve cost us more to produce last year had it not been for our constant presence in the country.