Agarwood, what to look out for…

Agarwood, Oud, Oudh, Gaharu, Ghoorab, Eagleswood, whatever you may know it as is rapidly becoming the most sought after essential oil and fragrant wood across the world. Initial interest was always predominantly from the Arabs for the Oil and wood, Japanese to produce incense sticks, and the far east for burning to fragrance temples and for beads used by monks.

Now as the western world becomes used to "oud" in its fragrances, greater interest upon the raw material has taken hold. People are buying oils from various suppliers and artisan manufacturers; and now actually started to burn the wood within their homes using coal or electric burners. All of this is great news for unscrupulous suppliers as the clientèle are dealing in a market they have very little information on.


Agarwood with "resin" painted upon the surface, wood dipped in perfume, wood that actually isn't even Agarwod has now crept into the market. The problem with this, apart from getting ripped off is the potential health impact. Real Agarwood possesses qualities revered by civilizations for thousands of year, respiratory, mental and other physical ailments have all been allayed by Oud. If you were to burn wood dipped in fragrance the first question you have to ask yourself is was the fragrance designed to be burned? if not all manner of toxic chemicals could be released.

The advice is simple, do your homework and when you do find a supplier ask lots of questions. Information is king and will enable you to make the right decision. And finally, if its too good to be true then probably best leave it. Agarwood is a pricey commodity and something cheap on eBay may possibly be an amazing find but probably not!

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