What is Sinking Grade?

A lot is mentioned on this elusive wood but what is it?
As the name suggests this is wood when placed in water will sink to the bottom. This is a rare and common phenomenon. Yes its confusing! common because freshly harvested Agarwood contains water, this increases the weight of the wood and therefore a larger proportion of wood will do this. Rare because once dried over a few months not much wood will do this. Its the resin content making the wood denser than normal which enables it to sink.
Oils generally are never made out of this wood. Many suppliers will claim this but the price the wood in its raw form can fetch ($15 to $30 per gram) and the amount of wood required to make an oil would place a 1ml vial at over $500.00 to $1,000.00 quite easily. So ask yourself how your supplier is offering you sinking grade oil at $200/3ml? It just isnt possible.
We as far as we know are the only provider in the UK of true sinking grade Oud wood. For people who burn wood generally and for those who dont it is truly an experience to indulge in.
Please have a look at our wood page for more information.

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