Wild Malaysian Sinking Grade

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Wild Malaysian Sinking Grade

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3 reviews for Wild Malaysian Sinking Grade

(verified owner)

The smell and quality is good, but one of the three big pieces doesn’t sink down.

Hello Bernard,

Generally this is a slow sinking grade. if you see the video also of Ensar he puts into the water then stirs the wood. once the wood is covered it slowly sinks. please try this

(verified owner)

I tried, you was right.
my fault.

5 stars.

Trully wonderful, the smell is very intense and uplifting.

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The highest grade of oud chips available from us. These have been dried for over 10 months now to make sure any moisture retained has been removed. A fantastically sweet, soul stirring wood with a deep creamy pungency. Great way to scent your clothes and your home.

These particular chips have been selected from a new batch of sinking wood. Only the most resinous chips are for sale here.

To see for yourself that the wood is sinking grade please click here